Late Works: Sydney 1980 - 2002

starving_artistRobert Mitchell returned to Sydney and dedicated himself fully to creating art, living modestly on his pension.

His late works are usually large in scale and show the full force of his ability to work in collage and with colour. He combined hand-cut and painted pieces of paper with photographs, fashion photographs and textiles, which he called "interweaving".

DSC_0005 Untitled (large series), 1986,
Mixed Media

Merry_Xmas_Pollock_1_82Merry Christmas Jackson Pollock No 1, 1982,
Mixed Media

des-flowers_4_91Desert Flowers No. 4, 1991,
Mixed Media

Dreams_Space_2_82_85Dreams in Space No 2, 1982-5,
Mixed Media


    Desert Flowers series                  Suns and Moons                           Verushka fashion model, 1989

colour_fridgePhoto by Robert Mitchell, 1991:
"On side of my Fridge, March '91 - COLOR, COLOR, COLOR."

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